Gamepad For Android Compatible Platform And Wireless Joystick Smartphone Game Controller

Wireless joystick Smartphone Game Controller Model:M-15

Product Details

Wireless joystick Smartphone Game Controller


*Vibration: Dual shock  

*Bluetooth version:4.2

*Battery: 400mAh Lithium polymer battery

*Charge time:1H

*Time of continuous use:20H

*Packing content: Gamepad*1+ Charging cable *1+User Manual *1


Product performance:

  1 PS3 handle is called Duo Shock 3, which can be compatible with PS3 and PC at the same time. It not only supports PS3's six-axis motion sensing function, but also has the long-awaited vibration function of players.

  2 Six-axis sensor function means that the player can move the handle up and down, left and right, and back and forth in the game. The game can sense the player's operation and control the movement of the object. The six-axis sensing is highly accurate and instantly detects the acceleration of the handle movement, which is a relatively new operation for traditional games.

  3 ps3 Bluetooth controller is a true standard Bluetooth chip, supports DVD wireless remote control function, and corresponding to six-axis motion sensing and vibration function, to meet the desire of PS3 players for vibration function. The handle turns on the wireless function. When using the battery, the PS3 handle can last for about 30 hours.

  4 In addition to the motion sensing system and the wireless function, there is a ps3 button in the center of the handle that calls out the main menu. The distance between the buttons of L2 and R2 is very long. The tilt angle of the analog stick is also very large, and the operation performance is very good. The USB cable can be connected to the PS3 main unit for charging, and Bluetooth can communicate with up to 7 people through wireless communication. 

  5 ps3 wireless six-axis handle, after connecting the data cable, can be charged on the ps3 host, with the driver we provide, and can be used on the computer. Allows you to enjoy the excitement of ps3 games on your computer without a ps3 console.

6 DUALSHOCK3 vibration support, all PS3 games, as long as the game has vibration


1.ps3 Bluetooth gamepad, no infringement
2. Built-in lithium battery
3. Comfortable ergonomic design
4. Multi-color selection, a variety of choices
5. Standing stock, support small batch

6. One second link to Bluetooth, and can support 7 LED channels at the same time

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Some Loading Pictures :

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