How mobile power works

- Apr 10, 2018-

Mobile Power is a portable device that integrates storage, boost, and charge management. Lithium batteries are generally used for the dielectric medium. Lithium batteries are widely used in digital products due to their compact size, large capacity, wide market circulation, and moderate price. The voltage of lithium is between 2.7-4.2V, and the voltage drops with the decrease of electricity. The 2.7-4.2V voltage is not directly charged to other digital products, because the digital product's lithium voltage is also 2.7-4.2V, with the same potential voltage can not be charged. Therefore, the external power output from the mobile power supply must have a boost system, and the 2.7-4.2V lithium voltage is boosted to 5V, so that other digital products can be charged, such as mobile phones, MP4s, tablet computers, and PSPs.