How to choose mobile power

- Apr 10, 2018-

For a good power supply, the key is to look at the batteries. The batteries inside the mobile power supply are like the fuel tank and transmission system of the car. They are responsible for providing continuous power to the entire mobile power supply and directly determine the quality of the mobile power supply. The power supply circuit board can be regarded as a control system, mainly responsible for the distribution and conversion of power, converting the 3.7V (or higher) voltage provided by the lithium battery into a standard 5V (or higher) voltage. Provide power to the charged device.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in mobile power batteries. However, their performance is not the same, and they are completely invisible from the outside. General specification labels cannot be reflected. Here we start from the battery, step by step to explore the mysterious world of mobile power.

Their main difference lies in the difference of the electrolyte, in which the liquid lithium ion battery uses a liquid electrolyte, and the polymer lithium ion battery replaces a solid polymer electrolyte. The polymer may be "dry" or "colloidal," most of which uses a polymer colloidal electrolyte.