Rich Headphone Type

- Apr 10, 2018-

Due to the different uses of headphones, the types of headphones are also gradually enriched. The types of headphones can be roughly divided into open, closed and semi-open.

Open headphones generally sound natural and comfortable to wear. The comfortableness here is not sultry. It is common for home-appreciated HIFI headphones. The sound can be leaked out. Conversely, the sound of the outside world can also be heard. The earphone has less pressure on the ear.

The semi-open earphones do not have strict rules. The sounds can only go in or out, and the design can be adjusted according to the needs of use.

The earmuffs of the closed earphone adopt a totally enclosed structure, which can prevent external sounds from entering, and has a greater sense of pressure on the ears and accurate and clear sound positioning. The professional monitor field uses this structure. Some closed headphones also have an open-field headphone sound field that maintains high-quality sound while blocking noise, such as the Denon D7100 and D7000.